What is the difference between a game mouse and a normal mouse?

18 Oct 2022

Gaming mouse is designed to meet the needs of the game, with higher performance and user-defined functions. Such a mouse will often use a higher performance engine, micro-switch and the mouse pads, with excellent ergonomic design, to meet the player's pursuit of sensation and performance, greatly improve operating efficiency, and ensure a longer mouse life.


So what is the difference between a gaming mouse and a normal mouse?

1. Different materials

Whether a professional player or an average gamer has a lot of contact with the mouse every day. Therefore, the surface of the gaming mouse is made of skin-like materials and sprayed with rubber paint to give it a better feel. Most of the normal mice are made of plastic, which makes them feel poorer.


2. DPI is different

Most ordinary mouse DPI values are relatively low, usually around 400 to 600, or even some mouse DPI are basically fixed and can not be adjusted. However, the current common gaming mouse DPI is basically thousands and can be customized.


3. Function keys are different

Normal mouse usually consists of a wheel and two keys. Gaming mouse has more keys, some of which are more than ten function keys. These keys can be set with different functions through the mouse driver to meet the needs of different players.


4. Engines are different

The engine is the core device of the mouse. Gaming mice are usually equipped with a professional game engine, which makes them perform better and react faster. gaming mice require more accurate positioning without losing frames. These ordinary mice are difficult to do. For consumers, if they usually just browse the web and do simple office operations, then choosing an office mouse is enough. However, if you want to pursue a better game experience, have higher requirements for operation, like more custom option settings, the choice of gaming mouse is undoubtedly more appropriate.

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