What is the difference between an ergonomic keyboard and a normal keyboard?

08 Oct 2022

Today we are mainly talking about ergonomic keyboards. Many manufacturers are holding the banner of ergonomic design, but is it really useful? What is the difference between an ergonomic keyboard and a normal keyboard?

Many office keyboards are ergonomically designed, mainly reflected in the radian of the keycap and the gradient of the keyboard. The gradient design of the keyboard allows the keycap to be distinguished between high and low, which can avoid mistakenly touching other keys while typing. The radian of the keycap is good for placing your fingertips.


Many users like mechanical keyboards because of the crisp feel of different axles, which is not available with thin-film keyboards, but our most comfortable wrist position is the octagonal shape. Ordinary mechanical keyboards can cause "keyboard wrist" and "mouse hand" in long-term use, so often when the code is tired, they want to move their wrists, which undoubtedly causes some harm to their health.

So what is the biggest difference between a traditional keyboard and an ergonomic keyboard?

Comfort: Simply put, the ergonomic keyboard is an ergonomic design optimization that allows users to relax their shoulder, arm, elbow and other joints while using the keyboard, which can improve their experience and work efficiency. However, because most users are familiar with and used to the design of traditional mechanical keyboards and create aesthetic exclusivity, and for office, traditional keyboards have an absolute advantage on the purchase cost for enterprises.


However, the arc of the ergonomic keyboard and the separation of left and right keys can effectively alleviate the stiffness of the human hand when typing with the traditional keyboard.

At present, many traditional keyboards are also advertised under the name of ergonomics. They usually just use so-called ergonomic design for keys. These keyboards usually do not use arc and left-right key position separation design. It has no effect on relieving muscle stiffness in the hand.


As a professional ergonomic product, the colorful ergonomic keyboard lays out keys according to the position of the wrist falling naturally. The curve of the keyface simulates the bending shape of the fingertip. Characters can be easily tapped to trigger. Based on the soft palm bracket design, it also allows the wrist to stay in a comfortable position at all times, allowing the arm to stretch out naturally. With it, you can make your office easier!

Comfort: What does comfort mean? There is no doubt that it can provide more durable and efficient input. Although it will take some time to get used to the initial transition from a traditional rubberized keyboard to a detached, curved keyboard, I think it's worth the effort. From the experience of small size, in fact, the discomfort is not as big as you imagine, so you will experience it very soon. Therefore, if you are a knowledgeable person who pays attention to work efficiency and health, the ergonomic keyboard is the essential terminal for your text input.

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